All that Glitters is set in contemporary Edinburgh, Belarussia and Galicia. People trafficking is a grim reality of modern life and doesn't just happen far away in foreign cities. Tati, from Belarussia, travels to Edinburgh full of hope but soon finds her dreams turn into nightmares.

David Hidalgo, recently back from a rescue mission to Spain is, as always, hoping for a quiet life devoid of drama - with the possible exception of his developing relationship with Dr. Gillian Lockhart, academic and asker of awkward questions.

A seemingly unconnected anomaly in a bank balance propels David Hidalgo once again into the world of crime, gangsters, corruption and culpability and brings Tati and David together in ways neither of them could have expected.

Living Orkney Magazine Nov 2018

This is suspense at its best. There’s a real freshness in the writing, that doesn’t just stimulate the mind, but manages to captivate and harness the soul. 

Scots Magazine (April 2019)

The second, just-as-good-as-the-first, novel involving pastor David Hidalgo.

From Amazon reviews...

  • A golden sequel to Benefit of the Doubt ... I can't recommend "All That Glitters" enough! Five stars

  • All that glitters may not be gold but for cracking fiction this book is pure gold ... Once you start to read it avoid planning any chores for a couple of days. Five stars

  • After finding out what happened after the nail biting end to Benefit of the Doubt, I settled down to read the next instalment and boy I was not disappointed ... I loved this book and am absolutely hooked. Five stars

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