Benefit of the Doubt is set in modern day Edinburgh, Madrid through the turbulent years after Franco and other contemporary locations.

The opening chapters see David's life in ruins after traumatic events in Spain. Fleeing back to his childhood home of Edinburgh and trying to put things back together again he soon finds himself facing difficult decisions. Should he get involved in the problems of those round about him? Should he respond to the promptings of what could be love? In short, should he be willing to take a risk when risks he's taken before have turned out so badly?

Follow David Hidalgo's journey into the dark heart of Edinburgh, Spain and the human soul where, despite everything, hope, love and restoration are still to be found. Maybe, despite it all, life still deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Benefit of the Doubt is published by Lion Fiction



Praise for Benefit of the Doubt

Living Orkney: August 2017


I have loved Les Cowan's first novel! His settings, Spain and Edinburgh, his characterisation, especially of David Hidalgo and his doubts, his ministry, his understanding of Morningside Edinburgh and the contrasting areas, his explanations of what his ministry in Spain stands for, through the novel, the exciting plot, especially the ending and, for me, the Spanish words and phrases! I can't wait for the sequel ... Goodreads

Excellent book.  Great main characters and plot.  I would recommend this book.

Stephanie C, Reviewer

A great book very easy to read and I loved it would definitely buy more from this author

Sharon S, Reviewer 5★


I've read it and can't wait for the next one! Had to resort to reading it again.....

It was sooo good! Thank you - can't wait for the next one

Just finished the book! Loved it and really got engrossed. A real page turner

Facebook Posts

"A seriously good read ... This is well-written and thoroughly enjoyable in every twist and turn of the story. David Hidalgo is a great character and I expect to see more of him" 9.7 ★

One Man in the Middle Blog: Jan 2018


Want to talk about the themes in Benefit of the Doubt? Download Les's Bookclub Questions and keep the conversation going. (Spoiler alert: some questions reveal details of the plot!)


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