Benefit of the Doubt

(Book 1 of the series published May 2017)

... is a love story, a quest, a puzzle, a challenge, a dilemma and a journey of self discovery and restoration. What happens when life doesn't follow the script? In the midst of confusion can there be a benefit in having a doubt?  On the road to recovery does life still deserve the benefit of the doubt?

  • ... truly a breath of fresh air from the hard-man-style detective novels, yet the undercurrents it creates are just as threatening. Masterful LIVING ORKNEY MAGAZINE

  • A fast paced and gripping tale set in Edinburgh and Spain SCOTS MAGAZINE (Sept '18: the best of new Scottish crime fact and fiction)

  • Well written and thoroughly enjoyable in every twist and turn of the story. David Hidalgo is a great character and I expect to see more of him. 9.7 ONE MAN IN THE MIDDLE BLOG

All that Glitters

(Book 2 published June 2018)

Tati, a young Belarussian girl, follows her dream to the Scottish capital where the dream suddenly becomes a nightmare. A chance conversation presents David Hidalgo with something that doesn't add up. Things are going to get a whole lot darker before the light dawns for either of them.

  • A unique combination of spiritual journey and fast-paced crime. Very mature writing: an outstanding achievement RON FERGUSON, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST

  • This is suspense at its best. There’s a real freshness in the writing, that doesn’t just stimulate the mind, but manages to captivate and harness the soul. LIVING ORKNEY MAGAZINE NOV 2018 (see NEWS for more).

  • Loved this second book even more than the first! Topical subject, believable characters, exciting plot. Couldn't put it down, can't ask for more in a book! AMAZON REVIEW

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