David Hidalgo is not a policeman though his work sometimes brings him into contact with police. He is not a private investigator though people do come to him with their problems. He is not an amateur sleuth: the idea of solving criminal problems as a spare time hobby would be his last idea of fun. So what is he?

David Hidalgo is a pastor whose main concern is the spiritual welfare and care of his congregation - as he constantly reminds anyone willing to listen. All he wants is a quiet life and a minimum of drama. However that doesn't mean that he lacks interest in the problems and dilemmas of life. Primarily, he is a man of faith who believes in right and wrong, good and evil and some divine order overseeing human affairs. Which means that he also believes that life should make sense - that things should add up - that good should triumph and evil should be thwarted. But that's rarely how it looks from ground level...

Les Cowan's David Hidalgo novels are in the crime / thriller genre but also have an essential spiritual twist. Things that happen around David Hidalgo and pull him in against his better judgement often impinge on spiritual questions and dilemmas. What happens when the basic principles and assumptions of faith butt up against the hard realities of life? Will evil be defeated and good triumph or is life simply a meaningless jumble that makes no sense at all. Follow David Hidalgo as he tries to get to the bottom of things, come to terms with terrible events and hold those responsible to account.

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